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之前在我們騎Fixed Gear 到河濱公園,是很有名的.我們試著用最快的速度轉彎去穿越走路的人. 到後來,我們開始騎的越來越好. 我們的耐力增加、對我們自己越有自信.我們開始感覺必須花時間在其它方面去改善它. 最後,有人發現這個20公里長的路.我們開始尋找誰可以用最快的速度完成艱難的20公里. 我們開始放在Faecbook、Strava. 可以看出誰最慢、誰最快.到現在,我們還不知道誰是團體最快的.



Back in the day when fixed gear riding was at its peak, we used to always take our bikes onto the Riverside Park. Zigzagging through pedestrians and other cyclists on the trail, we would try to ride as fast as possible. We eventually began to get better and better at riding. Our endurance was increasing and we were becoming more confident with ourselves.  We began to feel that it was time to improve in another way. Eventually someone found a route that was about 20km in length. My friends began a fierce competition of seeing who could complete that 20k the fastest. Sharing phone times and Strava times on Facebook, we soon started weeding out the slow from the fast. To this date, we still are uncertain who is the fastest in our group of friends.


Unfortunately with time, things change. The scene is slowly deteriorating and the admiration for racing is not what it use to be a couple of years ago. We believe that it is time for us to return to our roots, The Riverside Park, and see who can still ride the trail. All fixed gear riders are welcomed to compete, and we encourage you to practice the course above. 

規則 | RULES

  • 18歲以上

  • Fixed gear only​​

  • 可以有煞車 

  • 一定要有安全帽 

  • 一定要有前面&後面的燈 

  • 一定要帶健保卡



  • 18 and older

  • Fixed gears only

  • Brakes are allowed

  • Must have helmet

  • Must have front and back light

  • Bring Health Insurance Card (if have)

Please use caution when racing because the course will not be closed to other riders.

*Any rider who fails to meet these requirements will be removed from the race due to safety concerns.*


Registration is closed.

Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the course prior to racing. 

Any foreigner who wishes to participate in the race but does not have a National Health Card can still race if they bring some form of ID.


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