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Using an App to get a TAXI 4.1

Getting a taxi in Taiwan can sometimes be difficult. Whether it be rush hour or the location you are trying to get a taxi from is not ideal, sometimes getting a taxi can be quite obnoxious. Fortunately there is a company that uses an APP to help call nearby taxis to your location.

To download this APP just go to the Android Store or Apple Store and search for "55688" in the search bar. Make sure you download the yellow icon without any stripes in the left hand corner because those APPs are not the one we are looking for.

After you have installed the APP and open it up, scroll through the tutorial section until you get into the login page. We are going to need to make an account.

Click the Chinese characters 註冊新會員 (Zhùcè xīn huìyuán) to register a new account. If you already have account, then just enter your phone number and password.

Click the yellow button to agree to the terms of service.

To make an account, you will need to fill out the following information.

  • 手機帳號 Shǒujī zhànghào - Phone number

  • 密碼 mìmǎ - Password

  • 確認密碼 quèrèn mìmǎ - Re-enter password

  • 姓名 xìngmíng - Full Name

  • 男性 Nánxìng - Male

  • 女性 Nǚxìng – Female

  • 電子信箱Diànzǐ xìnxiāng - Email

The check box below the email section is not necessary. Do not check it.

After you have entered all your information click the right bottom button that says 確定註冊 (Quèdìng zhùcè) which means complete registration.

A text box will appear telling you that 55688 will send an automated phone call to your phone to complete your registration. After you click the right hand button, your phone will immediately ring. Answer the phone call to complete registration. You can hangup immediately after the machine begins to speak.

The next time you start up the APP you will see another message pop up. This one is asking if you want to setup a credit card. I recommend skipping this step by hitting the gray button. Click the check box if you do not want to see this message again.

The 55688 Taxi APP is now setup. In my next video, I will go over how to use the APP to get a Taxi!

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