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Taiwan Receipt Lottery APP

The Taiwan receipt lottery was created by the Taiwanese government in an attempt to get smaller businesses to record their sales. It is very common for smaller restaurants and businesses to not give a receipt to their customers. The reasoning behind this is the business does not want to claim all their sales. By doing this, they end up paying less in taxes to the Taiwanese government because they have no proof of their overall profit. In response to this, the Taiwanese government created the receipt lottery in an attempt to encourage customers to ask a receipt for their purchases. By doing this, it makes smaller companies have to record their sales correctly.

The Taiwanese receipt lottery works in two month cycles, so it is quite possible after two months to have too many receipts. Going through hundreds of receipts and looking for a winner is very time consuming. Fortunately, there are a lot of different APPS out there that people use to help them manage their receipts. Some of these APPS can scan your receipts and store their lottery number in the APP. Once the two month cycle is over, the APP will notify you if you won.

Other APPs are more simplistic and require you to type in the last three digits of the receipt lottery. I will be focusing on the more simplistic ones because I feel that they are easier to use for people who do not speak Chinese. Now, there are a lot of different APPs out there and they are constantly upgrading them and changing them, so you do not necessarily have to use the one I recommend.

The APP that I recommend for someone who has zero Chinese ability is called 火速對發票 (Huǒsù duì fāpiào). Out of all the different APPs I looked it, I felt that this one was the most simplistic one to use.

Search these keywords:

  1. Type 火速對發票 (Huǒsù duì fāpiào) in the search bar

  2. Type Taiwan receipt lottery in the search bar

  3. Type 統一發票 (Tǒngyī fà piào) in the search bar

After you have entered your keywords, look for the APP that is by FS Lab and has the same icon and Chinese. Download it and let's get started!

Once you downloaded the APP and open it up, you will notice that it kind of looks like a calculator.

107年(Nián)03-04月(Yuè) is the current receipt lottery cycle.

  • 年(Nián) - year

  • 月 (Yuè) - month

上一期 (Shàng yī qí) is the last receipt lottery cycle which was 107年01-02月

清除 (Qīngchú) clears the numbers you type in.

To check your receipt lottery, you need to type in the last three digits of your lottery number. For example if your receipt is 12345678, then you would type in 678 to see if it a winner.

The message you get if you did not win after entering a number is 沒中 (Méi zhōng).

If you enter a winning number, you get a bigger message telling you how much you won. The above picture shows that we won 200NT for having the numbers 715 on our receipt. The message changes depending on what lottery you win. Sometimes you need to check your entire receipt lottery number to see if you won a big prize.

To check all the winning numbers you need to click the page icon on the top left hand corner. That will take you to the listing of all the different winning lottery numbers.

The green Chinese characters are all the different prizes that you can win with the receipt lottery.

  • 特別獎 (Tèbié jiǎng) - Grand Prize 10,000,000NT

  • 特獎 (Tè jiǎng) - Special Prize 2,00,000NT

  • 頭獎 (Tóu jiǎng) - Top Prize 200,000NT

  • 增開(Zēng kāi) - Basic Prize 200NT

  • 六獎 (liù jiǎng) - Basic Prize 200NT

At the bottom of the picture, there are a whole bunch of Chinese characters with numbers. This section explains how much money you can win with the lottery. The amount you win also depends on how many numbers you have.

For the bigger prizes, you need all eight numbers to win. If you have more than three numbers you can win more money.

7#s = 40,000NT

6#s = 10,000NT

5#s = 4,000NT

4#s = 1,000NT

3#s = 200NT

So remember that if you have a number from the Grand Prize you need to check the rest of the numbers to see if you won more than 200NT.

Good luck on your lottery!

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