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How to buy something on PC HOME 2.1

In this post, we are going to learn about how to use PCHOME 24h (Taiwan's equivalent to Amazon) to order something and send it to a 711. This is really useful because most of us foreigners work during the hours deliverymen operate. Furthermore, using a foreign credit card to buy things online can sometimes be a hassle. By using PCHOME's delivery service, we can pay at 711 when the package arrives eliminating any issues with paying online.

Before we buy something on PCHOME, I recommend making an account. To do that, you need to click the three red bars on the top left hand corner. This will open up a side menu with a whole bunch of options. Click the red paper to enter your account section or make an account.

  1. 顧客中心 (Gùkè zhōngxīn) is where you can manage or create an account

  2. 結帳 (jié zhàng) is your shopping cart.

The little red icons are different sections you can shop in. I will go into these sections later on in another post and video. I recommend not using any of the section because most of the time if you know what you want to buy you can just type it in English in the search bar and it will show up. I do not find these extra features to be necessary, but I will put a link here when I make my next video!

  1. 會員登入 (Huìyuán dēngrù) is where you go if you are a returning customer and you already have an account at want to log in.

  2. 首次購買 (shǒucì gòumǎi) is where you want to go if you do not have an account and want to create one.

I added some extra Chinese with Pinyin if you want to know how read some of the Chinese on PCHOME.

  • 記住帳號 (jì zhù zhànghào) is if you want the APP to remember your login information.

  • 忘記密碼 (wàngjì mìmǎ) is if you forgot your password and you want an email sent to you.

The number two option is where you can make a new account. After you fill out the information, you do not need to immediately confirm your email to use the APP. Just make sure that you enter your email correctly because you will be getting emails from PCHOME telling you when your purchase has arrived at 711.

After you enter your information, hit the orange button that says 確定 (quèdìng) which means to confirm.

Some Extra Chinese for those that want to know how to read login information.

  • 請輸入手號碼或是Email (qǐng shūrù shǒu hàomǎ huò shì Email) - Please enter your email in

  • 請輸入密碼 (英文大小寫有差別) (qǐng shūrù mìmǎ (yīngwén dàxiǎo xiě yǒu chābié) -Please enter your password (capital and lowercase matters)

  • 請再輸入密碼 (qǐng zài shūrù mìmǎ) - Please enter your password again.

  • 請輸入圖片中數字 (qǐng shūrù túpiàn zhōng shùzì) - Please enter the number in the picture.

  • 重新產生 (chóngxīn chǎnshēng) - create a new number

After you hit the orange button, you will immediately be logged in. You can check to make sure you are logged in by clicking the three red bars on the top left hand corner. You should see your email at the top left hand corner.

Now that we have made an account, we can go shopping. I recommend just using the search bar on the main page and typing the item you wish to look for. For me, I am going to buy the video game, Doom.

After you have found the item you want to buy, you need to click the orange button. Not all products have the same color button. The orange one means to put an item in your shopping cart. I will go into more detail about all the buttons meanings in a different post and video. For now, I would recommend just trying to buy things with the orange button because that means it is in stock and you can buy it now. Once you have clicked the orange button, you will see that your shopping cart on the right hand corner has a number by it now. Click the shopping card to check out and begin the purchasing process.

This is where things will start to get tricky. We need to make sure that we do all of the next steps correctly. We need to choose how we want the item to be delivered. I recommend going with the second section (超商取貨 Chāo shāng qǔ huò) because that one will send it to 711. I do not recommend having a package mailed to home because I find it more difficult to deal with deliverymen.

  • 配送方式 pèisòng fāngshì - delivery method

  • 宅配到府 zháipèi dào fǔ - home delivery

  • 超商取貨 Chāo shāng qǔ huò - pick up at supermarket

After you have chosen your delivery method, click the orange button to go the next page.

Click the 711 button to choose what city, district, and street you want to send the package to. If you feel that your Chinese is not up to par, I would recommend using Google Maps to search for the name in Chinese.

Choose your city. The one with a red circle is Taipei City. If you want to know all of the cities and district go to my blog post here.

Choose your district.

Choose the street.

A lot of streets have more than one 711, so you will have to choose which 711 is closest to your house. The good thing is that after you select a 711, you will see a map. You can compare this map to google maps and choose the best 711 that way.

If you do not like the 711 you selected then you can click the blue button on the left (重選門市 Chóng xuǎn ménshì) to go back to the previous screen.

If you want to confirm your selection, click the blue button one the right that says 確定門市 (Quèdìng ménshì).

This next page is telling you to bring your ID when you go get your package. Make sure that when you fill out your information later on that it matches your ID. You cannot have a friend go pick up your package for you. Click the green button that says 同意 (Tóngyì) to go to the next page.

This next page is just a confirmation page for the 711 you have selected. Click the third button to confirm. Do not worry this will not send the package to 711 yet. You still need to fill out additional information.

On this page you need to fill out your information. Use your home address for the address. The two buttons above the address box are for your city and district. Make sure to do your phone number correctly because they will message you when the package has arrived. After you finish filling out your information, you will need to choose which kind of receipt do you want to get.

There are three receipt options. The first one is to donate the receipt to a charity, the second option is an individual receipt, and the third one is for your company.

After you have chosen what kind of receipt you want, make sure to check the terms of service button. Now, we are almost finished. Click the orange button that says 結帳 (Jié zhàng) which means to check out.

The last page is the confirmation page. Double check the 711 information and then hit the green button which says to keep shopping. After this, you shortly should get an email and a text message saying that your order has been places.

When the package arrives at 711 you will get another text message and email telling you that the package is at 711. You can also check your account page on the APP to see the current status of the package.

Click the bell icon to bring up your package details.

And you should be able to see your invoice. I hope this post helped. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask!

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