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591 APP - Looking at an apartment LISTING 1.6

In this blog post, I will be talking about how to read and understand an apartment listing on 591. If you have not seen any of my other videos or blog posts, I would recommend checking them out first that way you are caught up and understand how to optimize the settings on the APP. This post is going to be a long one, so I will try my best to keep it as relevant as possible.

At the top in the red, is the monthly price of the apartment. Most places charge monthly but some landlords might have a bimonthly plan.

  • 租金 Zūjīn - Price of rent

  • 20000元/月 Yuán/yuè - 20000 NTD a month

The text in parenthesis are very important to pay attention. These are extra amenities that are included in the rent. Some landlords like to include things such as basic cable, internet, water, and gas in the price. Other landlords will sometimes make you add those fees on top of the rent.

This apartment listing includes the following items in the 20000 NT price:

含 Hán - included in rent

  • 管理費 guǎnlǐ fèi - management fee

  • 第四台 dì sì tái - basic cable TV

  • 網路 wǎng lù - internet

  • 水費 shuǐ fèi - water bill

  • 瓦斯費 wǎsī fèi - gas bill

Under the price and included features is some basic information and requirements the tenant must follow if they wish to live in the apartment.

  1. 押押金 Yājīn - deposit 二個月 Èr gè yuè - two months

  2. 坪數 Píng shù - Taiwan’s system of measurement

  3. 型態 Xíng tài - Apt. Type 電梯大樓 Diàntī dàlóu - Elevator building

  4. 押最短租期 Zuì duǎn zūqí - Minimum time can lease apartment 一年 Yī niániàn - One year

  5. 可遷日期 Kě qiān rìqí - When can you move in 隨時 Suíshí - Anytime (now)

  6. 車位 Chēwèi - parking space Wú - none

  7. 現狀 Xiànzhuàng - Type of apartment 獨立套房 Dúlì tàofáng - studio

  8. 樓層 Lóucéng - Floor

  9. 管理費用 guǎnlǐ fèiYòng - management fee

  10. 身分要求 Shēnfèn yāoqiú - Requirements for tenant 學生 Xuéshēng - student 上班族 shàngbān zú - working

  11. 性別要求 Xìngbié yāoqiú - Gender requirements 男女生 Nán nǚ shēng - Male/female皆可 jiē kě - Both OK

  12. 產權登記 Chǎnquán dēngjì - Property registration

家具設備 (Jiājù shèbèi) The next section shows what things are included in the apartment (cable TV, furniture, are pets allowed, etc.). If an item has a check, then it is included. If it has a cross through a circle, it is not included.

  1. 床Chuáng - bed

  2. 椅子 yǐzi - chair

  3. 冷氣 lěngqì - airconditioner

  4. 天然瓦斯 tiānrán wǎsī - gas

  5. 衣櫃 Yīguì - dresser

  6. 洗衣機 xǐyījī - laundry machine

  7. 熱水器 rèshuǐqì - hot water machine

  8. 開伙 kāihuǒ - Cafeteria and cooking

  9. 沙發 Shāfā - sofa

  10. 冰箱 bīngxiāng - refrigerator

  11. 網路 wǎng lù - internet

  12. 養寵物 yǎng chǒngwù - have a pet

  13. 桌子 Zhuōzi - desk

  14. 電視 diànshì - TV

  15. 第四台 dì sì tái - basic cable

The following section is where the landlord or person listing the apartment can add any additional information. I usually do not look at this part because it is always in Chinese and differs from landlord to landlord. In this section, the landlord usually writes what is near the apartment (MRT stations, 711s, grocery stores, etc.). I do not think it is important to translate this section because you can usually get this information by just looking at a map of the area the apartment is in. You can find the map below this section. Just click on it to open up the map.

It is also important to check and see who is listing the apartment. At the bottom of the listing, is a name and a phone number. In parenthesis, is if the person is a landlord or an agent. It is important to make sure what their relationship to the apartment is. If the person listing it is an agent, there is a big chance that you will have to pay an additional agent fee. This listing is a landlord or owner of the apartment.

  • 屋主 (Wū zhǔ) Owner / landlord

  • 代理人 (Dàilǐ rén) Is a person that the landlord gives permission to act as the landlord i.e. a sibling of the landlord, or maybe someone else who lives in the apartment.

  • 仲介 (Zhòngjiè) An agent or agency company

Good luck on your apartment hunting. If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment or email me!

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