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591 APP - How to use the map feature on 591 1.5

The map setting in 591 is quite useful. It gives a great visual representation of what apartments are available in the city you have set as your default setting. It is really important to remember that the map will view all listings in 591. It is very important to set your settings to help optimize your search results.

To access the map feature you need to click the yellow button with a house and a key. That will bring you to the search results homepage. At the top right hand corner next to the search bar, has two Chinese characters that say 地圖 (ditu) which means map in Chinese. Click that button to bring up the map feature.

After clicking 地圖 (Dìtú), you will see all listings available on 591. I would recommend at this point using information from my prior videos on how to set your search result settings. This will help eliminate search results that are unnecessary.

You can find out how to navigate the settings menu bar below:

  • Blog Post - How to set the location you want to look for an apartment in

  • Blog Post - How to set what type of apartment you want to look for

Now, that your settings are set you will notice that there are a whole bunch of green buttons all over the map with numbers on it. The numbers represent how many places are available in that area. The Chinese character 間 (Jiān) means apartments and rooms.

Clicking any of the green buttons will open up all the apartments available in that area. Remember if you have not set your settings that the listings could contain other places that are not apartments. You can click on the apartment listing you like to see more information about it.

It is quite normal in Taipei to find apartments that are for rent in the same building. This feature is great at showing what all is available in an area. It is quite possible to find another place in the same building or maybe even across the street. Good luck on your apartment searches, and if you have an questions, you can email me or leave a comment below.

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