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591 APP - How to set your PRICE RANGE and EXTRA settings 1.4

Updated: May 10, 2018


In 591, it is extremely easy to set the price range you would like to see apartments in.

  1. 租金 (zūjīn) known as rent in English is the section we are in where you can set the overall price ranges for your search results.

  2. 不限 (bù xiàn) is the setting you select if you do not care about price ranges and want to see everything.

  3. 5000元以下 (yuán yǐxià) is anything 5000 and under. [Chinese note 元 is the character for money. 一下 means anything bellow the number so 5000元以下 means under 5000 dollars.]

  4. 5000-10000元 sets the price range of the apartments between 5000 and 10000

  5. 自定義 (zì dìngyì) which means customize in English is where you can set your own price range. 最小 (zuìxiǎo) is the smallest amount and 最大 (zuìdà) is the biggest amount. After you enter your amount, then click 確定 (quèdìng) which means verify.


This section is useful if you have a specific requirement that your apartment needs to fulfill. For example if you have a pet, a lot of landlords will not allow you to rent from them. Some landlords also only allow women to rent their apartments. There is nothing more embarrassing then showing up to an apartment to only find out they will not rent it to you because you are a man.

More common requirements that people like for their apartments to have are bathrooms, laundry machines, flatscreen TVs with cable included, WIFI included in apartment, and allowed to cook in the apartment. A lot of apartments in big cities in Taiwan do not come with a kitchen and it is against the rules to cook in the apartment without a kitchen. It is good to make sure that there are no weird restrictions in your apartment before you sign a lease.


In this section, you will learn how to add extra requirements for the apartment search.

1. 更多 (gèng duō) which means more in Chinese is the current section that we are in.

2. 格局 (géjú) is the settings for how many rooms you want in your apartment.

  • 一房 ( yī fáng) one room.

  • 二房 (Èrfáng) two rooms.

  • 三房 (Sān fáng) three rooms.

  • 四房 (Sì fáng) four rooms.

  • 五房以上 (Wǔ fáng yǐshàng) five rooms or more.

3. 坪數 (Píng shù) is the measuring system used in Taiwan for apartment size.

1 ping is about 35.57 square feet. (Convert ping into square feet.)

1 ping is about 3.3 square meters. (Convert ping into square meters.)

  • 10坪以下 (píng yǐxià) 10 ping and less

  • 10-20坪 (píng) 10 - 20 ping

  • 50坪以上 (píng yǐshàng) more than 50 ping

4. 來源 (Láiyuán) means source in English, so in this section, you will find out who has listed the apartment i.e. landlord or agent. It is important to note that a lot of agents require a processing fee of half a months rent to a full months rent if you use their services. I often try to avoid using agents on 591 and look for apartments listed by landlords since there is no extra fee to use them. If you want to use an agent, I highly recommend just going in person to an agency rather than using 591 because 591 is doing their job for them.

  • 屋主 (Wū zhǔ) Owner / landlord

  • 代理人 (Dàilǐ rén) Is a person that the landlord gives permission to act as the landlord i.e. a sibling of the landlord, or maybe someone else who lives in the apartment.

  • 仲介 (Zhòngjiè) An agent or agency company

  • 推薦房屋 (Tuījiàn fángwū) Recommended housing


1. 型態 (Xíng tài) which means type in English is the setting for choosing what kind of apartment you would like to rent.

  • 公寓(Gōngyù) Is a basic apartment building. Most do not have elevators but some due depending on how many floors the building has.

  • 電梯大樓 (diàntī dàlóu) is an apartment building that has an elevator.

  • 透天厝 (tòu tiān cuò) is used if you want to rent the entire building.

  • 別墅 (biéshù)

2. 樓層(Lóucéng) is the setting for choosing what floor you would prefer to live on. *A lot of people think the number four is unlucky, so finding an apartment on the fourth floor might be a little cheaper.*

  • 1樓一下 (Lóu yīxià) anything below the first floor

  • 1-3樓 (Lóu) floors 1 through 3

  • 12樓以上 (Lóu yǐshàng) anything above the 12th floor

3.其他 (Qítā) means extra settings in English. This section is just used if you want to add an extra requirement to your search results.

  • 有車位 (Yǒu chēwèi) has parking place

  • 有陽台 (yǒu yángtái) has a balcony

  • 可養寵物 (kě yǎng chǒngwù) can have pets

  • 可開伙 (Kě kāihuǒ) (This setting I am still a little confused by)

4. This section is confirming your additional settings. The orange button is the confirmation button and the white button is the cancellation button.

  • 重置 (Chóng zhì) Reset Settings

  • 確定 (Quèdìng) Confirm Settings

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