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591 APP - How to set the location you want to search for an apartment in 1.2

Updated: May 10, 2018

This is a huge section on how to use the APP 591 to find an apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. In my previous post, I talked about how a majority of the time spent on 591 will be in the 租屋 (zū wū) section, so go ahead and open that section on your phone. You can follow along with my post or you can watch my video if you have not already.

Before we even try to find an apartment, I think it is really important to know how all the settings in the APP work. This will help you optimize your search results to cater your needs. This could be really beneficial for finding the perfect place, which can be quite difficult to accomplish in Taiwan. By following along with me, I will teach you how to set the location of where you want to look for an apartment, and what type of place you should rent. Below is a list of all the different settings one can set to help speed up the process of finding the place you want to live in. If you feel like this is overkill, you can always just look at the screen shots and play around with the APP on your own.

  • What city?

  • What district?

  • Proximity to MRT

  • Type of place you want to rent


In the picture ABOVE, the area in focus is the text you want to click to open up the location settings. Click the Chinese words 台北市 ( Táiběishì) which is Taipei City in English.


In this section, you can set the city and district that you want to look for an apartment in. This is quite useful if you want to narrow down your search results to a specific area. I put numbers below to help explain the different sections.

  1. 台北市 (Táiběishì) Taipei City is the section we are in.

  2. 區域 (Qūyù) District and City is the setting we use to choose the city and district. There are two other sections below it that we will get into more detail later.

  3. 台北市 (Táiběishì) Taipei is the current city we are located in, but you can change to any of the cities in that column. If you want to know more about how to read the cities and pronounce them, you can click here for a list of all the cities with English and Pinyin.

  4. This section is where you can set the district you want to look for an apartment in. You can also choose not to specify district and search the entire city for an apartment by clicking 不限 (bù xiàn).

If you want to know more about how to read the Chinese characters for districts in Taipei and pronounce them, you can click here for a list of all the cities with English and Pinyin.


In this section, you can learn how to set your search location for apartments by MRT line and stations.

  1. 捷運 (jié yùn) MRT is the current setting we are in. In this setting we can choose the line and subway station.

  2. 文山線 (Wénshān xiàn) is the first MRT line in the list of MRT lines.

  3. 中山國中 (zhōngshān guózhōng) is a MRT station on the 文山線 (Wénshān xiàn). This setting is used for choosing which station you want to set for finding an apartment near.

If you want to find more information about MRT lines and stations, you can go to my other blog post that has the pinyin, English, and Chinese here.


This setting is pretty self explanatory. You can use this setting if you find yourself in an area of Taiwan that you like, and you are curious to see what apartments are available nearby.

  1. 附近 (fùjìn) means nearby in English. This is the current setting we are in.

  2. You can choose how far the apartment is from your current location by meters. 以內 (yǐnèi) just means within this amount.

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