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~what is it?~

OBS stands for Open Broadcast Software. It is the software that streamers use to capture their streams and send them to websites like Twitch.  Most streamers stream at home, so they use the software on their computers. IRL streamers and outdoor streamers either use an action camera like a GoPro or a Sony FDR-X3000 to stream. Unfortunately, these devices lack OBS on them.


We use a GoPro for our outdoor streams so we have no OBS option when streaming to Twitch. An OBS Server is a dedicated server in the cloud/internet that we connect to via our GoPro. The server then connects to Twitch giving us more options for controlling our stream and stream stability. We really want this on our stream. >.<

~why do we need it?~

  1. Stream stability is the main reason we need an OBS Cloud Server. Have you ever been watching our stream before and have seen us lose connection? What usually happens to you, the viewer, is the stream ends and you get a prompt from twitch saying the broadcast is over. This results in us losing viewers because they end up going to a new stream. An OBS Server can solve this problem by keeping you connected to our stream when it cuts out on our end. When our stream has connection issues, the viewer will have a highlight video play while we try to reconnect on our end. Once we reconnect, the stream will continue.

  2. Notifications also known as alerts in streaming are important. They are almost the heart and soul of a stream. Viewers like seeing their names pop up in the stream when they follow, subscribe, or donate money. Without an OBS Cloud Server, we don't have this feature. That means if you follow, subscribe, or donate bits, your name will not appear on the screen.

  3. Overlays add things like social media icons, maps, text to screen, art, and so many other options to the stream. We do not have this feature because it can only be done with OBS. We would love to spice up our stream so we can grow more.

~why don't we have an obs Cloud server?~

The simple answer is cost. To run an OBS Cloud Server is quite expensive. The price ranges from 100 USD to 300 USD a month depending on which server features best suits your needs.

~how can you help?~

You can help by just watching our stream. The more we grow the stream the more I am willing to part with my money to give our community a better experience. You can follow and share our stream with your friends to help us grow. Lastly, you can donate or subscribe. All subscriptions and donations will go towards running the stream.


Regardless of monetary gain from streaming if we hit 10 concurrent viewers, I will pay for the OBS Cloud Server with my own money.

~concurrent viewers~

3.1 out of 10

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