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- Cycling in Taiwan - 

Although Kadacha has began to work on other projects, Kadacha will never forget its roots in cycling. To this day, Kadacha still hosts many races and helps record cycling history in Taiwan. 

- Bike Races by Kadacha - 

Kadacha hosts two annual bike races (Noob Bike and The Riverside 20k).  Noob Bike is a charity race where participants go to different stores and buy food for the homeless. The Riverside 20k is a fixed gear race designed for preparing participants for racing in Criteriums. Click on the icons for more information about the races!

Critical Mass meets at Taipei City Hall at 8:00 PM and ride at 8:30 PM.  Next Critical Mass is on 5/25/2018

- Critical Mass Taipei - 

Critical Mass is ran by The Urban Bike Alliance (TUBA). TUBA is a certified organization that is supported by the Taiwanese government. The Urban Bike Alliance's overall goal is to make Taiwan a safer place for riding bicycles on the road. Once a month (last Friday of the month), TUBA hosts a ride for bike awareness. Anyone can show up and ride with TUBA.

In addition to a monthly ride, The Urban Bike Alliance also serves coffee in the morning on every Friday. Anyone who rides a bicycle to work is allowed a free cup of coffee. For more information, check out their bike to work page here.

- Check out their social media - 

- Without a Bike - 

A project created to showcase that all cyclists come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Without a bike is exactly what one would think - a cyclist without their bike. You can find the gallery below.

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