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我的故事 STORY

It all began when a young foreigner living in Taiwan recieved his first GoPro from his mother as a gift. He immediately set out to film his friends riding their bikes around Taiwan. After a few years of recording the bike scene from the vantage point of his bike, he decided it was time to try new methods of filming his friends.


Eight years later, that passion never dissipated. Kadacha has been associated with multiple companies around Taiwan such as Nabiis, 4riz, GoPro, Frontier, and The Urban Bike Alliance.

With the creation of Blah Taiwan, Rob, the creator of Kadacha hopes to spread and evolve into new territories. He will never forget his roots in the cycling community in Taiwan, but is also wanting to bring his skills to new fields and companies who need assistance in making video projects.

Kadacha and Blah Taiwan were created to help bring a western understanding and a unique cinematic style of videography to Taiwan that has never been seen before.

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